Forced To Deliver Beef And Pork”: Zomato Riders Protest In Kolkata

KOLKATA: Zomato employees in Kolkata today refused to deliver food containing either beef or pork and said they planned to go on an indefinite strike. Employees of the web- and app-based food delivery app took to the streets of the West Bengal capital shouting “Zomato ki dadagiri nahi chalegi (Zomato’s bullying is unacceptable)”.The striking employees have explained that Hindu agents had declared themselves uncomfortable handling food with beef, while Muslim riders said they did not want to deliver food containing pork.“The company is not listening to our demands and forcing us to deliver beef and pork against our will. Hindus have a problem is delivering beef while Muslims do not want to deliver pork. We are not ready to deliver such things on any condition.


'Forced To Deliver Beef And Pork': Zomato Riders Protest In Kolkata

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