The Mayor said that MC Commissioner and the department concerned were equally responsible for the garbage problem of the city.

Tribune News Service:It has been nearly two years, since Mayor Jagdish Raja took charge of the city but forget about starting any new projects, city residents are not able to get rid of the garbage disposal issue.The Mayor said today that the MC Commissioner and the department concerned were equally responsible for the garbage problem of the city.“I know it’s my duty too, and I am not running away from it. But, in reality, the MC Commissioner is supposed to take the responsibility for solving the issue,” the Mayor said while talking to The Tribune.He agreed that since long, garbage disposal had become a big problem for the city.“I know it’s a serious issue and I know that being the head, it is my responsibility too, but what about the MC Commissioner?,” the Mayor said, adding that for the construction of roads and launching of other projects, financial crunch might be a problem but why this issue of garbage lifting still remains unsolved in the city? At least it must be done properly.” “I have asked the Commissioner to lift garbage from every part of the city within three days. It is a genuine issue. It is seen all over,” the Mayor said.I have given directions to the Commissioner to resolve the issue within three days. And also it (the lifting) should be not done after 12 noon, rather it should be done early in the morning.Notably, heaps of garbage in various parts of the city are forcing councillors of various wards, including Congress councillors and even MLAs, to hold protests against the poor working of the corporation.Congress MLA Pargat Singh, Congress councillors Balraj Thakur and Onkar Tikka and others, have already protested several times against the corporation over the issue.Former senior deputy mayor Kamaljit Bhatia had announced to hold a ‘Nagar nigam lahnat rally’ (‘shame on the MC’) to highlight the issue

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