71st Republic Day Parade: The nation’s armed forces, so often the highlight of Republic Day parades

India celebrated its 71st Republic Day today with a 90-minute display of military might, cultural diversity and socio-economic progress. The armed forces took centre-stage parading an array of weapons, the Defence Reserch Organisation put up a display of state-of-the-art technology and the 22 tableaux held a spectacular display of colours, art and lifestyle. Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro was the Chief Guest. The ceremony started with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a first, visiting the National War Memorial instead of the Amar Jawan Jyoti, where he paid tributes to soldiers who died fighting for the country.India's Military Might On Display At Grand Republic Day Parade: 10 Points

Jammu and Kashmir took part in the Republic Day parade for the first time as a union territory

Unfurling of tricolour and 21-gun salute, India celebrates

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