People Want To Hear Facts About Economy, Not Abuse And Rhetoric: Chidambaram To PM Modi

Senior Congress leader PChidambram on Wednesday said Prime Minister and his ministers should speak facts about the economy in the Delhi polls as people want to hear that rather than “abuse and rhetoric”. Claiming that the PM and his ministers seem to be cut off from reality, the former finance minister suggested economic issues on which they can speak about in the Delhi Elections. “Three things they can speak about in the Delhi elections: CPI has increased from 2 per cent in January 2019 to 7.35 per cent in December 2019. 2. Tax revenues will fall short of budget estimates by Rs 2.5 lakh crore in 2019-20. 3. There will be sharp expenditure cuts in programmes meant for SC, ST, OBC, minorities and women and children,” Chidambaram said in a series of tweet

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